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Online Reputation Management for Small and Medium Businesses

Online Reputation Management for Small and Medium Businesses In this age of computer and information technology many of the normal business activities take place online. Prior to the purchase of any product or service, many buyers check on the internet to review the feedback given by other consumers about the product (as well as the reputation of the company in the market). People are more enthusiastic to communicate online in today’s world and they actively participate in various online forums, blogs, review ... Read more

Pay Per Click Marketing Explained

Pay Per Click advertising and marketing is a great way to help draw traffic to your business and it can be fairly cost effective as well.  The way that PPC works is that you, the advertiser or business owner, join a search engine’s pay per click program and you set up an account with a budget that you want to spend on advertising.  Some people only put in $50.00 and others will spend hundreds and maybe thousands in an effort to ... Read more

3 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Almost every successful marketing strategy in today's world needs to incorporate the use of the internet in some way. Regardless of how aggressive a marketing strategy is on the traditional print and visual medium, internet marketing will play a decisive role in whether the campaign is a success or not. Internet marketing is made up of various facets, such as search engine optimization, online ads, video marketing and article marketing. One of the most significant of these, however, is social media ... Read more

How to Get Started With

What is This is a site where you can connect other websites about yourself to and they will help you optimize the site so that it will be more likely to be placed higher in the search results when someone searches for your name online. Some examples of sites that are good to connect here are personal websites and your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In profiles. There are many other websites that you can connect to your profile here, but the ... Read more

Social Media Sizing Sheet

Here is a very detailed cheat sheet to use when trying to make sure that your images are the correct size on several different social media sites - including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, and Pinterest. Have you ever uploaded a picture to one of these sites, only to find that the picture didn't look right? This is probably because if your picture is not the correct size the site will attempt to make it fit within the dimensions that it ... Read more
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