3 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media for Marketing

Almost every successful marketing strategy in today’s world needs to incorporate the use of the internet in some way. Regardless of how aggressive a marketing strategy is on the traditional print and visual medium, internet marketing will play a decisive role in whether the campaign is a success or not. Internet marketing is made up of various facets, such as search engine optimization, online ads, video marketing and article marketing. One of the most significant of these, however, is social media marketing.
Utilizing social media in marketing is no longer a choice or an option, it is imperative. There is no single platform that allows you to reach more than a billion people across the globe. Even contemplating whether or not social media marketing is significant is not pragmatic. Here are 3 advantages of social media marketing, which helps explain why every company should capitalize on it.

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Real Time Outreach, Response, & Review

The first major advantage of social media marketing is that every approach or campaign can be run in real time. When you launch an initiative or a campaign you publish your content in real time, reaching out to several millions of people in a few seconds and getting responses at the same time. You do not have to wait for several weeks or even a few days to understand what kind of a response your marketing campaign generates. Regardless of the nature of the response you get, you can review your strategy or approach in real time. This enables you to roll back a campaign that is backfiring or being counter-productive and launch a fresh initiative after considerable thought and planning.
There is no other medium that can offer you the real time outreach, response, analytics and reviewing luxury which social media marketing does.

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Promotions, Branding, and Sales

Social media marketing is ideal for promotions. It is also great for branding. At the same time, you can catapult your sales if the promotion and branding exercise is objective and compellingly convincing. There are very few alternatives to social media marketing if you wish to kill these three birds with the same stone.


Potential To Go Viral

Social media has a viral tendency. Seemingly unknown companies or products, individuals whom not many people have known, and ideas that were nonexistent before have often gone viral thanks to help from social media. Companies can use social media marketing to reach out to an unprecedented number of people and have impacts beyond what they could imagine in today’s market. This reason alone is enough to support the idea that there is hardly a reason why one shouldn’t utilize social media in marketing.


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