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Search Engine Optimization is an inevitable obstacle that everyone will have to face if they rely on people searching for things online to bring visitors to their website.

How easy is it for someone to find your site when they search on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing for a service or product that you offer? Ideally, the first page that they see in the search results would be from your site. If your site is not the first result then optimally at least one page from your site will be located within the top 3  results. If this is not the case either, then you should aim for at least somewhere on the first page of the search results.

There are many factors that are used to determine which page from which site are listed in the order that they appear. Each of these has a level of importance that gives certain things more influence than others in determining your site’s rankings in the search results. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about remembering and mastering all of these – that’s what we are here for.

Public Eye Marketing works with you to get an idea of what keywords you would like to target. Then, we begin conducting keyword research to determine the exact keywords and key phrases that are optimal to be targeted. This helps us to determine the keywords and key phrases that people are searching for the most and what methods will be required to help your site achieve the rankings that you deserve when someone searches for the things that we are targeting.

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